SUP Core Workout

We would like to introduce the benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding as a cross training alternative or a fun fitness building exercise for you.

Stand up paddle surfing is a great experience and a sport which lends itself well for those who want both a cardio, balance and strength workout. The stand up paddling encompasses both core and proprioceptive muscle action. It utilizes a whole body functional approach to building core muscle balance and support. A great sport for those who are in need of some rehabilitative exercise in a unique atmosphere above the water.

“SUP” is a solid core workout on both flat water and among the waves. It is an ideal sport for cross-training as it brings together legs, back, feet, arms, neck and stomach muscles in a graceful display of core strength and balance.

It is low impact on all joints and is also being used to improve balance and core strength for people recovering from serious injuries. I personally have used my stand up paddle board to recover from a serious bilateral leg and ankle accident.

Core Training is any workout that targets the muscle groups in the mid-section of our bodies, essentially joining our lower bodies to our upper bodies. Training on unbalanced surfaces is very effective for building the core muscle groups, (stomach and lower back) and for training muscles to fire in co-coordinated ways so that the benefits are immediately transferable to other dynamic sports and activities. As oppose to traditional resistance training where muscles are trained to work in isolated groups in a stable environment.

In sport we require our bodies to provide explosive strength while we are on the move, this is the sort of benefit you get from cross-training in a more fluid environment and this where SUP excels.

The overall experience of being on the water is simply “aqua therapy.”
Great fun, whilst getting fit!

Stand Up Paddling encompasses physical, mental, and rehabilitative benefits.