OZ SUP Corporate

About Stand Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a fast growing new sport that most people can participate. It is a great team building activity as it lends itself to placing most people on an even playing field of learning a new skill. This is where the gold is, you are able to see peoples ability to overcome adversity, how they learn, how they adapt to foreign situations amongst dealing with many other unknown and uncertainties. You can truly see what teams are really made of in this environment.

SUP entails participants standing on top of specially designed surf board and using an elongated paddle to steer and power themselves while learning about paddling techniques, water, the ocean and sea life all while being on our beautiful and safe waterways.

Team Building

Whether it is a small, medium or a large group we focus on building cohesive units by providing a level playing field within our sport to transform individuals into team members. A vast array of activities can be customised to suit each teams requirements.

Corporate Events

OZ SUP Paddle Centres has conducted over 60 successful corporate team building events with companies such as Expedia Global Management Group, Samsung, Channel 9, A.P.N Outdoor, Cross Fit Sydney, Norton Rose Lawyers, Channel Ten and many more.


If you a small business wishing to reward their team, a large organization looking to connect and refresh their staff or an international firm wanting to treat their executives to an authentic Australian encounter, OZ SUP  corporate activities deliver an outstanding experience.

Rose Bay- Sydney Harbor

OZ SUPs Corporate events start from Lyne Park near the Woollahra Sailing Club in Rose Bay. An easy location to get to via, bus or ferry and there is loads of parking near by.

Rose Bay is one of the safest and stunning places to learn stand up paddle boarding! Incredible views of the the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera house and the city skyline.

Brunswick Heads – Byron Bay Shire

OZ SUPs Corporate events  start at the Sand Bar Cafe in Brunswick Heads. The Brunswick River possesses a feast of waterways and beautiful landscapes. It is incredible place to learn to stand up paddle board with many options to cruise the river or peruse the ocean.

(SUP) Paddle Board Lessons

  • Small student to teacher ratios
  • Goal orientated
  • Taught by fully qualified and accredited Stand Up Paddle Surfing Australia coaches
  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Relaxed,friendly and professional.


We create events unique to your specific goals, time frame, logistics and budget.

  • Paddle boarding lessons
  • Team building exercises
  • SUP Tours
  • Catering
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Transport
  • SUP Ocean Surf Lessons
  • Event photography
  • Merchandise

Create an unforgettable experience with OZ SUP Corporate. Contact us today at [email protected] or call 1800 782 6387.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Lessons

Within just one lesson at an OZ Stand Up Paddle Centre you can be up and paddling, building core strength, balance, endurance and confidence all while enjoying beautiful water views. We guarantee to have you up and paddling within your first lesson, otherwise we’ll give you your money back – it’s that simple! Experience paddle boarding your way today.

  • Small student/teacher ratio
  • Multiple sessions can be run simultaneously for large groups.
  • Taught by fully qualified and accredited Stand Up Paddle surf coaches
  • Make it as fun or serious as you like.
  • Relaxed friendly atmosphere
  • Professional and well organized
  • Tailored to your specific skill level

SUP Surfing Lessons

How to Buy CBD Oil Online in Australia


So you want to know how to buy CBD oil online in Australia? As with any form of online shopping there are many things you need to think about. When it comes to buying CBD products you are going to want to be sure that you get the highest quality and highest selling price possible.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they want to learn how to buy CBD oil online in Australia is that they do not research the company or website. This can be a very costly mistake. The reason for this is that you could end up being deceived by someone selling a low quality product.

Online businesses will try to take advantage of their customers. Some will offer sub-standard products in order to drive people to their websites in order to make a sale. What you will want to do is shop around and check out the various reviews on the internet to find the best companies to buy from.

You should visit at least three different sites to find the best one. Once you find the right site, then you should choose the product that you want to purchase. It is important that you are happy with the product and if it does not meet your expectations you should move on to another site.

Buying CBD is not as simple as it sounds and you are going to want to make sure that you have the right product to buy. When you first start searching for how to buy CBD oil online in Australia, you will see many different types of products on the shelves of stores. They will have the highest selling prices but you need to make sure that you do not purchase a generic product. The reason for this is that the generic products have not been proven to work.

You should also make sure that you choose a product that is the highest selling price. The reason for this is because the higher the selling price the more money that you will be paying for the product. You will find that by checking online that most of the CBD products are sold at the highest prices.

If you go through some of the online stores that sell generic products then you are going to find that the prices are very high. This is a huge red flag and if you are thinking about how to buy CBD oil online in Australia to make sure that you do not go through these stores. The reason for this is because the products do not work.

The only way to find out how to buy CBD oil online in Australia is to actually test the product before you buy it. Take some time to research the product and see what other customers have to say about it. Once you find a site that is recommended by many different customers then you can go ahead and purchase the product.

By learning how to buy CBD oil online in Australia you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and money. You can even save a few dollars by ordering directly from the CBD producer. The companies will then send you a free sample, which will give you a chance to try the product before you make a purchase.

If you go through some of the different sites that sell CBD oil, you will find that the prices vary quite a bit. What you will find is that there are some sites that offer a better price than others. It is not difficult to tell the sites that are the best ones by researching their prices.

The reason that these sites offer the best price is because they have enough CBD products in stock to offer the lowest prices. The high prices of CBD products online come from the fact that the CBD producers are trying to cover their costs by shipping the products. When they have too much CBD in stock, it makes it difficult for them to ship their products so they are forced to charge you for the shipping costs.

The only way to find out how to buy CBD online in Australia is to look around and research the companies that are selling the products. This will help you find the products that you want at the best prices.

E-juice – How to Stop Smoking With Vapor Juice


Vaporizing juice creates a vapour, that consists of the extracted juice. The extracted juice is then compressed to create a compressed form. This compressed form is then either stored in an airtight container or placed in an oil reservoir for later use. Many vapers prefer to use these types of products to produce their own juice at home instead of purchasing it from the store. In fact, many people do not even want to try to make their own juice.

Many companies offer Vape Juice that has been specifically blended to meet certain requirements, such as requesting specific ingredients and flavors. There are several companies out there that are dedicated to creating new flavors and recipes that can help people quit smoking. Some even specialize in creating e-juice that only contains natural plant extracts and no artificial ingredients. There are many types of Vape Juice that can be created, such as Fruit Flavored, Cappuccino, Latte, Minty, Tea Time, Fruit Colada, Fruit Punch, and many more. Some of these brands also offer free trials of their products, which allows potential customers to experience these juices and determine whether they like them or not.

The first step to creating your own Vape Juice is to find a quality e-juice recipe that you can purchase through an online supplier of Nicotine Supplements. This will be your guide for creating your own Vape Juice. When choosing your ingredients, it is important to make sure you choose the correct ingredients and the correct ratio. These recipes should also include ingredients such as fruit, herbs, sugar, lemon, and even vegetable glycerin if possible. You can find a list of ingredients and a detailed explanation on each on the company’s website.

Next, you’ll need to find a good tank to fill with juice. The type of tank you will need will be based off of the specific flavor you want to create. Fruit flavor will require a small airtight glass bottle that will allow you to put the entire bottle in the tank and cap tightly. A Cappuccino or latte flavor will need a larger bottle that has a larger airtight seal to allow for ample room to vaporize and mix your Vape Juice. Mint flavor will only require a small bottle or a water bottle that will allow you to mix the entire contents and infuse the flavor into your lungs and taste wonderful.

After selecting the right flavors to go with your Vape Juice recipe, you will need to add them to a mixing tank. One common way to do this is through using a double paned glass carafe that will allow you to add all the liquids at once. Another method is to use a mesh strainer that will allow you to strain the liquids very gently so you don’t end up with sludgy grounds and harsh tasting extract. If you are looking for a flavorful and smooth consistency, then you may want to choose the glass carafe method as it will produce the results you desire. This process may take a while as it takes time to steep all the ingredients thoroughly.

Once the ingredients have been infused into your Vape Juice mixture, it is now time to enjoy your new product. There are a number of ways to do this, but one way that many people like is by placing a small portion of the Vape Juice into their mouth and gently blowing into it. You can also use a normal pen to place on your teeth and let the Vape Juice runs out of your lips. There are many different flavors you can choose from that will give you the chance to experience different nicotine levels without getting any stronger or lighter.

Nicotine vaporizers are great products that can help you kick your habit all while still allowing you to be able to have fun and keep you nicotine craving in check. The key to success with a nicotine vaporizer is making sure you are not under any type of stimulant while you are using them. If you are under any type of stimulants such as caffeine or other hard chemicals, then you could begin to feel discouraged and ultimately quit smoking all together. You should never be under any type of stimulants while you are trying to quit smoking. Once you become accustomed to not having cigarette desire, you will find yourself to be much more successful at kicking the habit.

When you are searching for a great product to assist you in kicking the habit, you may want to consider trying the Vape Juice. Many people are finding this product to be very useful and effective in assisting them in quitting cigarettes. This is because there are many different flavors to choose from as well as being able to choose how much of the e-juice you would like to consume at one time. You can find e-juice in many different flavors such as fruit, chocolate, ice cream, mint, carrot, cereal, blueberry, raspberry, and more.